You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here we address some of the most common questions we receive when it comes to handling Al-Kayf tobacco , managing your coals , and keeping your hookah ready to party at all times. If you have any suggestions, throw us a line here or@Al-Kayf



–Q: How much Al-Kayf tobacco should I put in my bowl?

–A: An average bowl can hold between 15 and 25 grams of hookah tobacco. But we aren’t psychics. Just put in enough tobacco to fill up the bowl without packing it too tightly. Wanna know the secret behind packing a perfect bowl of Al-Kayf ?  We’ll tell ya.

–Q: How long will Al-Kayf tobacco last/when does it expire?

–A: Every Al-Kayf pouch bought on our website comes with a 90 Day Freshness GuaranteeIf it’s stored properly at room temperature with the flavor-lock pouch tightly sealed, your tobacco should last between 1 – 2 years after your purchase. Buy it fresh, smoke it fresh.

–Q: How do I store my Al-Kayf tobacco?

–A: Our tobacco is securely sealed in a flavor-lock pouch that ensures you’ll get the most flavor from every smoke session, so no extra storage is required. Save your tupperware for Grandma’s potato salad.




–Q: What kind of coals should I use?

–A: It all depends on your personal preference. If you’re the impatient type, quick lights are an easy solution, but it’s not always the tastiest one. Natural coals made from wood, bamboo, or coconut are generally more popular because they don’t interfere with the taste of tobacco and contain little to no additives.

–Q: How many coals should I light and how long will they last?

–A: Usually one good session of smoking will require between three or four natural coals, depending on how hot you like your smoke. Another factor to consider is the shape of your natural coals. Cubes will generally last for an hour, while flats will start dying out in 30-45 minutes.

–Q: If I’m done but the coals are still hot, how do I stop them from burning?

–A: Safety first! Never handle coals (or your HMD, aka “heat management device”) with your hands. Simply take your tongs, go to the nearest sink, and run water over them until they fizzle out. If the coals aren’t puny after being extinguished, you can always save them for later. Just let them dry over night and voila! You just saved yourself another coal!



–Q: I like my smoke clouds to come out HUGE. What’s the best way to unleash my inner dragon with some monster clouds?

–A: Well Khaleesi, we also love ourselves some gigantic smoke clouds. The best way to produce big and thick clouds is to make sure your hookah is securely fastened with the proper grommets, brush up on how to perfectly pack Al-Kayf into your phunnel style bowl, light up your favorite natural coals, and let ‘em rip!

–Q: I’m having a tough time getting any smoke/the smoke is so thin I can barely see it. What’s up with that??

–A: A couple things could be out of whack. Either you didn’t fill up your base with enough water, or you under-packed your bowl.  Make sure your water level is 1 – 2 inches higher than the opening of your downstem. Practice makes perfect when it comes to packing a bowl!

–Q: What kind of bowl should I use with Al-Kayf tobacco?

–A: The phunnel bowl is ideal for the most flavorful Al-Kayf experience possible. The reason we love this style is because it holds the tobacco’s juices in place without the danger of having juices leak from the bowl and into your stem.

–Q: Should I use foil or an HMD on top of the tobacco?

A: Both methods are common; it all depends on your preference. The HMD has increased in popularity over the last few years because of its ability to evenly heat tobacco with much less required maintenance than using foil.

–Q: Why is the hookah smoke tasting hot/harsh?

–A: Ouch. We’ve been there, and it’s never been fun. Try taking off a coal or two, and exhale through your hose to purge the smoke from your base. If that doesn’t work, there’s a chance you may have over-packed your tobacco and your top layer of shisha may be almost completely charred. Unfortunately, if you’ve burnt your bowl, it’s best to just start over.

–Q: I still taste that flavor I smoked two weeks ago! How do I fix that?

A: When it comes to hookah smoking, two great tastes don’t always go great together. The most common culprit is the flavor sticking in the hose. Silicone hoses prevent flavor contamination and are the easiest to clean. Older traditional style hoses are made from a combination of rubber, metal & other substances. These are difficult, if not impossible, to clean. If you often smoke mints, but sometimes like to switch it up and enjoy fruit flavors without any mint, consider keeping 2 hoses on hand. Designate one hose to mint flavors, and one hose to all other flavors. Regularly cleaning your hookah, the bowl, and all the other parts will help prevent flavor contamination.

–Q: How often should I clean my hookah?

–A: As often as you can. It doesn’t have to be a deep clean every time, but it’s a good practice to at least run hot water through your stem, base, bowl, and hose (if washable) after every session. For a quick and easy deep cleaning treatment, you can use a stem brush and some baking soda to give your hookah stem and base that “shiny and new” feeling.

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