About us

Al-Kayf Premium Hookah

Every day we are together, a new beginning…

Our journey began at the beginning of 2017, with the vision of becoming the first global brand to be born from this country. As believers in the power of being together and the constant development of the successes we have reached in more than 30 countries, the feeling of being around millions of people gives us happiness.

When we produced the first Bong tobacco in Al-KAYF, we had one goal: to create flavors that will make everyone feel that we are next to them… Because every person is different, every day is… Therefore, A-KAYF production and organizational structure was created to delight the lives of people with different tastes from different cultures. It was the first step in our path to becoming a global brand, ignoring the boundaries, putting everyone in the center.

As Al-KAYF today, we export to 5 continents, including Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia. We are preferred by millions in more than 30 countries. As Al-Kayf in the last 1 year, it is the understanding that we have to gain more market share in Russia and Europe and become the world’s number one hookah tobacco and accessories brand.

We believe that each individual contributes to the shaping of the future in a more advanced way than today and that our task is to be next to them in this process. In this way, people are inspired by different tastes and lifestyles, and with each new aroma we strive to produce the best and highest quality products. We are acting with the inspiration we receive from our consumers and are constantly on the side of innovations that we develop and we produce to make you enjoy your life.

Al-Kayf Global Family